Thursday, March 08, 2007

Jr. High Believe

Tomorrow I am leaving with a group of jr. highers for St. Louis. We're going to the Jr. High Believe conference. I didn't get to go last year due to transitions in ministry (well at that point I was not at a church). This will be the biggest group I've taken (even though we've lost a few the last few days) and I am excited. Marko (Youth Specialties Pres.) will be doing the speaking and One Time Blind will be there doing some drama. The theme is Jesus and I'm thinking its gonna be a great chance for the youth to see a whole new side of Jesus.

I'll post some pictures, video and thoughts after the dust settles next week.

This is the first "trip" I've taken with the jr. highers since I got here last summer. I'll get to see a new side of them and they'll get to see a new side of me. :) Hopefully both of those will be good.

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