Sunday, March 04, 2007

youth tattoo

This is not a post about the rights and wrongs of tattoos. Rather it is about a surprising tattoo one of the teens got Saturday night. This is a guy that has been coming really regularly to just about everything we have been doing. His main reason for coming (as far as I can figure) has always been because of his girlfriend, whose family are members. I've gotten to know him since we got here last summer. He's a great guy, but has not given his life to Jesus.

This morning as I was talking to him he told me he got a tattoo last night. I thought "oh great, he got his girlfriends initials" but I didn't say that. I asked why and what? He said he has always wanted one and he got it on his right shoulder. Then the big question - what is it? To my surprise, he got a cross. I didn't get to ask him too much about why he picked the cross, but I'm hoping to talk to him more about it this week when we get together.

I was just shocked that a cross would be his top choice for a tattoo. It was a good surprise.

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