Thursday, April 12, 2007

turkey calling

A few nights ago I went turkey calling. It was my first time. So, why do you go turkey calling? So you can go hunting the next morning, of course. We were staking out a place for him and his dad to go hunting the next morning (at 4am). He originally asked me to go hunting with him, but it turned into just the calling. Phew!

Allow me to take you through the evening:

6:30pm - go with student to his house
6:45pm - tour of room (including lesson on shotguns)
7:00pm - drive out to turkey calling spot to listen
7:40pm - finally hear turkey
7:43pm - confident we heard it, leave for home
8:15pm - back at my house

It literally took 3 minutes to actually do the turkey calling. So, what did we do with the rest of the time? Talk. I got to listen about his life, hobbies, friends. It was great. That hour of waiting and driving were a great chance to build on the relationship I have with him.

Would I want to start turkey hunting? No. But will I continue to go with students around here (a lot of hunting goes on around here)? You bet I will. If that is what they like to do and are willing to let me tag along, I'll take the time to build relationships and get to know them better.

Some of the most effective ministry I will do is out in a field, listening to turkeys. It is not always going to happen in the classroom on Sunday. Ministry is about living life together. Listen to how Paul puts it:

"We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well." 1 Thes. 2.8

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