Thursday, October 23, 2008

Free Taco - A Must for Youth Workers

You may not think of this as a youth ministry related post, but it is. Here is the deal:

Thanks to a stolen base last night in game 1 of the World Series, Taco Bell is giving everyone in America a free taco next Tuesday (10/28) from 2-6pm (local time). So if you go to Taco Bell, you can get a free taco. I know its not a full meal, but its free and its "Mexican" food.

How to use the free taco in a youth ministry-type way:
1. Use the free taco giveaway as an excuse to take a student to Taco Bell to talk.
2. Take some students to Taco Bell, then take the free tacos and give them away to some person/people who could use some free food.
3. When you order, tell the cashier to give your free taco to the person behind you.
4. Call your local Taco Bell and ask if there is anything your youth ministry can do to help them during that time (ie. clean the tables, take the trash out, make some tacos)
5. Move your small group to Tuesday night, sometime after school til 6pm. Everyone gets a free taco and a new atmosphere for small group.

bonus - go to Taco Bell, order a water with your free taco. Then sit down and use Taco Bell's free wifi for a few hours to "work".

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