Monday, October 27, 2008

Help! I'm a Frustrated Youth Worker, NYWC, and me

So, recently I was looking through the YS catalog and was surprised by one of the books coming out in early 2009. I'm not surprised YS is publishing the book or the content of the book - I think it is a much needed resource. I am surprised by the title/author combination and my connection to it.

A couple years ago, while setting up at the NYWC in Atlanta, I got to talk a little bit with Steve Case. He was helping us set up the bookstore before the convention. While we were working together one day, talking about some of the books. I made a comment about how they needed to add a book to the "Help!" line about how to deal with all the frustration/junk that youth ministers go through. I probably said something along the lines of how I thought Steve should write it. We spent some time coming up with titles for the book - most of which were not going to make it to the final version.

Fast forward to today. There is now such a book and Steve is the author. Maybe I'll get some mention in the forward or something. Or just maybe this post will be the only mention of my connection to this book. Either way, I'll probably pick it up and read it.

You have written a much needed book Steve Case, I just wish I would have actually done the writing of it first - like I wanted to. :)

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