Monday, October 13, 2008

October - Pastor Appreciation Month

October is pastor appreciation month.

How do you appreciate someone who gives so much to minister to you throughout the year? How do you give back to someone who pours themselves into their "job"? It can be hard to know what to say or do for the minister who has helped you through a difficult time or shared in a special day (wedding, graduation...). As a minister, I thought I might be able to offer some help or ideas.

How to appreciate your Sr. Minister/Music Minister/Youth Minister/Discipleship Minister (and so forth)...

  1. Give him/her an extra week off
  2. Provide money for training or growth seminars
  3. Gift cards are always appreciated
  4. Pray for him/her, and tell them
  5. Write notes of encouragement, telling about how you have been blessed/ministered to. Do this throughout the year, not just in Oct.
  6. Stop by the office and offer to take them out to lunch (your treat)
  7. Buy them new tires for their car, since they drive around a lot doing ministry stuff
  8. Is there any software or hardware that would help them improve their ministry? Find a way to help them get it.
  9. Talk highly about them.
  10. Put together a "memory book" or CD with pictures of them doing ministry.
  11. Get them a new pillow so they can sleep better at night.
bonus: check out this list on how to appreciate the youth minister or this "big ticket" gift idea (southwest gift card)

NO matter what you think about this list - do something to appreciate your ministers.


  1. 12. Make fun of them when they turn 30. Hahah, you're old!


  2. Doug, I thought I said "how to appreciate" not "how to mock" :)

  3. You can really appreciate your Pastor by sending him/her a Cake and a Prayer.

    Cake and a Prayer is this website that has an awesome lemon pound cake, along with an uplifting message card, where if you up the ante you can get this cool framed scripture or inspirational word in a frame. It's the sweetest thing.

    Log onto and check it out.