Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Shared Birthday Party

Today was my youngest son's birthday party (he turns 3 on the 29th). We had planned a few fun things to do in our backyard and had a few of his friends over, with their families. We had a blast.

I got a surprise, too. My wife had wanted to do a cake for me as a surprise, but didn't know when she would be able to since I'm home a lot more these days. So a friend offered to bake it and bring it to the party. So my son got a tractor cake and I got a red velvet cake, complete with all 30 candles. :)

It was a great addition to be able to "share" the party with my son. I thought I might share a couple of the pictures from the festivities; unfortunately I don't have a video of me accidentally blowing out most of the candles. I was trying to "shoe" a bee away from the cakes and forgot that the candles were lit. It must be that old age settling in.

My birthday cake in all its glory.

The birthday boys. :)

Wes' birthday cake. My wife made it (without a mold) and a friend decorated it.

My birthday mask. Even the adults participated in the events/games.

Part of the obstacle course.

Just how many people does it take to light 30 candles?


  1. Awesome cakes and mask! Looks like you guys had a great time.

  2. @ben Thanks. It was a good afternoon. Lots of laughs.