Friday, October 10, 2008

Lessons from The Office: Business Ethics

The Office was back on Thursday (10/9/08) after taking a week off due to the vice-presidential debate.

This week's episode was entitled: Business Ethics

A few thoughts & lessons from Business Ethics:

1. It can be difficult to share personal information with your coworkers.
2. Ethics is not an issue a lot of people like to talk about, because a lot of people do not live an ethical life.
3. Training your staff does not always lend itself to a "fun" meeting. And you should not force it to be.
4. It is a smart idea to start tracking your time, before someone else starts tracking it for you. Most people do not really know where their time is spent and are surprised to find out how much time is wasted.
5. Being a positive voice for ethics (or morals) in the workplace can lead to being disliked. People do not like being told they are wrong, even if they know they are wrong.
6. Despite what backlash you receive for being a moral compass, do not give up. Do not stop trying to help people be more ethical/moral.
7. A lot of the people you see everyday are struggling and hurting. Most are drifting into areas they do not want to go. What are you going to do to help them?


  1. And I think a return to form for the show. Hill-arious!

  2. @kevin it def. had more of the awkward moments that were so much a part of the first two seasons.