Friday, February 09, 2007

Lessons from The Office

Last night's Office reminded me a lot of the Diwali episode, esp. with the ending being a "flashback" in time to earlier in the evening.

Lessons learned:
1. in order to have a good TV show, you cannot have the man/woman ever get together until the end of the series
2. some people should never be given a microphone
3. its ok to kick people out
4. bringing up past hurts is not always good (please stop talking Kelly)
5. sometimes no advice is better advice (again, thanks Kelly)
6. it is not always easy to not be in the "spotlight" all the time


  1. I think the teasing is going to get old to some folks. I really believe they are going to ruin the show if they don't get them together by the end of this season. You can only tease so long.

  2. I agree. I don't think I am personally bothered by the "in show" stuff as much as all the Previews and stuff they are doing to advertise Jim and Pam when really nothing is happening. They seem to be trying to milk it for more than its worth and if they don't stop that constant "look something is going to happen, oh wait no its not" then I think they will lose some of the fans and/or really hurt a truly good show.

    I remember when they let the two people on moonlighting finally get together it was pretty much the end of the show at that point. So maybe they are trying to avoid that. There is so much more to the show than Jim and Pam, lets focus on that. :)