Monday, February 26, 2007

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

What a day. Some of the rough points:
-I felt like I was talking to mannequins during Sunday School,
-ran out of time during Kids Worship (not sure yet if we just went long or the service was shorter),
-was reminded again why I don't watch SNL. Amy and I taped it due to Rainn Wilson hosting. There were some funny skits (the digital short, monologue), but a lot of either just not funny or crude stuff. (I should have just watched the parts that were online)
-seemed a little more patience than normal was needed on the parenting side of life
-thought I had lost a check from a parent
-trying to get middle schoolers to grasp the concept of wisdom

Despite the rough parts, yesterday was a good day.
-I got to "hang out" with the family before Sunday School (some weeks I just run around trying to make sure everything is taken care of)
-despite lack of response, I felt like some of the high schoolers were really getting the message in Sunday School
-Had a visitor that I was extremely glad to see in class
-I missed out on being in service, which meant I missed seeing a picture of me all "hillbilly" from a Relay for Life dinner Saturday night
-I'm getting really excited about Believe in two weeks
-got to spend the afternoon (during nap time) just spending time with my wife watching the previously mentioned sub par SNL
-the middle schoolers were very open about areas in their life that need work
-didn't watch a minute of the Oscars :)
-got a chance to do some writing about stuff God's been teaching me

God shows up all the time, we just miss it b/c we aren't always looking.

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