Tuesday, November 11, 2008

NYWC '08: Anticipation (2 of 2)

This is part 2 (6-10) of my list of anticipations about going to Nashville, TN for the National Youth Workers Convention (NYWC) put on by Youth Specialties (YS). You can see part 1 (1-5) that was posted earlier.

6. Being challenged by God.
This will be my 5th convention to work at and my 8th one total (I think). And each time I go, I am challenged in new ways. This week of the year becomes like a week of camp or retreat for me - a time to get away and unplug from a lot of the stuff I deal with daily and connect with God.

I arrive at the convention with at least one big thing on my heart, something I am struggling with or an area in which I need to grow. If I make it a point to quiet myself and listen to God, I always hear what I need to.

7. Helping/encouraging fellow youth workers.
I absolutely love this part of the week. It is such an honor to be able to encourage someone who is struggling to see just how important they are and how important their ministry is to the Kingdom. There are so many youth workers who go through seasons where it seems like no one appreciates what they do or how much they put into their ministry. There are also those youth ministers who just seem to be going through a rough time in their ministry and feel like it would be easier to just get out. It is so encouraging to be able to help people remember they are not the only ones struggling and to remember why God called them to ministry in the first place.

8. Laughing a lot.
Whether its the skits, hanging out in the store, at a meal or just talking to another youth worker - there are plenty of laughs to go around.

9. Praising God with thousands of other youth workers.
Getting together with a couple thousand youth workers to worship God is just amazing. Hearing people sing with all of their hearts, unreserved, is an amazing sound to the ear. For me, the only thing better than hearing everyone sing is watching the crowd worship. Some people stand with hands raised, some are sitting, some will kneel. Just seeing the expressions of praise can bring a tear to your eye.

Over the 7 sessions, the worship leaders will be: Starfield, Lincoln Brewster, and the David Crowder Band.

10. If its anything close to what I've heard from the first two conventions, it will be an amazing week.
I've been able to hear about the first two (Sacramento and Pittsburgh) through following the liveblogging, reading blogs and following people on Twitter. And from what I have heard, both of the conventions were amazing. So, I'm looking forward to this one in Nashville.

Those are my anticipations for the NYWC, do you have any? Add a comment and let us know what you are expecting or hope to experience.


  1. Thousands of youth pastors/overgrown Jr. High students gathering and laughing... go figure.

    Bummed I can't go this year. You gonna be live blogging?

  2. @brandon I won't be liveblogging it, but I will be working in the store and blogging during the week. Maybe next year, you'll be able to go

  3. @lilkup yeah next year I won't be paying for a wedding and honeymoon. I went to Group's event last Feb (work paid for it), but haven't got a chance to do NYWC yet.

  4. @brandon Yeah, those two things can take a good chunk out of the disposable income :) I'm hoping to maybe go to Group's this year, maybe. I really enjoy NYWC each year I go.