Sunday, November 23, 2008

NYWC '08: Saturday

I thought Friday was crazy, well Saturday was even crazier.

Here are some quick thoughts:

1. I helped set up the YM Women Luncheon. Women in youth ministry do not get enough acknowledgment. Thank you!!!! (that goes out to all of the women who are in youth ministry)
2. Finally hooked up with Gavin Richardson.
3. I got to talk to Andy Thompson (tydna on twitter). I met his wife before I got to meet him, because she is also a volunteer - so I've been working with her since Tuesday.
4. I got to have a great lunch with a friend, Scott Williams. Some really good conversation - stuff that makes me think.
5. I love my family!!! While talking to my wife, she told me about a situation they had at the grocery store. My oldest son accidentally knocked off some price tags and had to tell one of the store employees about it (a big lesson on responsibility for him). He did it, though he was a little shy. I was so proud of him.
6. I missed the general session with Mark Yaconelli. Before you comment about how foolish that was, I already know I missed a great message. I was planning on going, but ended up helping a friend out instead. So it was totally worth missing out to serve.
7. I am tired.
8. Had a fun time running through the exhibit hall with some friends - picking up some swag :)
9. Got a chance to experience some of the worship (with Lincoln Brewster). I needed it.

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