Friday, November 21, 2008

Pre-NYWC: Thursday

Thursday was the day that the critical concerns started and people started showing up in more numbers. It was a constant blur as people were coming in and getting ready for a great weekend.

A few highlights from my day (in no particular order):

1. Met Jasper Rains and his family. Had a good, but brief, conversation about life, ministry and rental cars.
2. Got to talk with Tim, a guy I met last year. We caught up on how ministry is going since last year. It is really crazy to think about what a year can bring. It was fun to walk around and talk and meet some of the people he came with.
3. Met a lot of youth workers. Some brand new to ministry, some veterans, part-timers, volunteers. I love youth workers - they rock!
4. Went to dinner at 9pm. On a Thursday night, a lot of downtown food places close by 9pm. So we ended up in an Irish Pub. Got some live music, good food and a great conversation. The cold walk back to the convention center was not fun at all.
5. Got to hear Johnny Parks and Robbie Seay. Good music.

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