Saturday, November 18, 2006

day 1 of conference

Yesterday was a great day at the convention.

Phil Vischer spoke at gen. session 1. He did an amazing job. Talked about God giving you a dream and it coming to pass and then God taking it away. All about what is more important to you: God or the dream. It reminded me of part of what I had gone through last year. But more importantly, how it is easy to let the dream become more important than God. Its only been 5 months at the new church and I can already tell that letting God become a backseat to what "I want" is quite easy to do.

I got to meet a really cool youth worker yesterday. She is part time (ha). She works as a nurse in a hospital on the weekends and works in the church office 15 to 20 hours a week. Now the real kicker to me was when she told me her responsibilities at church. She is the youth leader and the christian edu. director for birth through adults. That is way too much for fulltime, let alone part time. I was blessed to be able to talk with her and encourage her. Later in the day, I saw her again and she seemed to have a different spirit about her. I just keep praying God will encourage and fill her this week.

It is great to be here at the convention, but I (and my wife) am really starting to miss my boys. :(


  1. It seems like a ton of people are talking about Vischer at NYWC this year. I didn't get to make the trip to the conference, but I did hear him talk recently in an interview with LifeWay about all he went through with Big Idea, and some really amazing stuff God is doing in his life now. It's still posted at:

  2. It was a very honest talk about what God has been doing in his life. I think we all can see a little of ourselves in his story, too. Since he is known all over the place it is good to hear his honest and open discussion on the topic.