Tuesday, November 07, 2006

new elders, ministry team leaders

last sunday, our church had our annual meeting to elect the ministry team leaders for next year and any elders that were up for election. As I(someone on staff) would hope, all of the nominees were elected. We have one elder not returning next year and one new elder joining the "team."

We have an elder's meeting Thursday night that will be pretty long (I bet). Since we have to bring this new elder up to speed. One of the biggest issues to bring up is the building campaign we are in the tail end of getting off the ground. We have plans all done and are now ready to get some bits on the building.

on a sidenote - It is really nice to come into a new ministry and have this sort of thing going. The ministry I left was "in process" of building, but I never felt it was a healthy thing. This one is needed and is really exciting to be a part of. Now I just have to make sure I don't get wrapped up in the idea that the building expansion will be a "end all" for the ministry.

So, anyway, there are lots of changes coming and I am looking forward to the next year.

ps. our girls' volleyball team is going to state!! Pretty exciting. They won last night against last year's state champs. A pretty impressive show of support from the community was rather encouraging from my perspective

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