Tuesday, November 21, 2006

NYWC recap

I am sitting in my parent's house typing this. We got back here last night after the convention was all done. It didn't take too long to tear down, had a lot of great people helping. It was nice to be able to get back here last night before the boys went to bed - a special blessing to see them a day earlier than we thought. :)

The convention was great, as is typical. We listened to a few of the classes in the car last night - good stuff, lots to think about. But the reason I liked this convention was not the classes, but the experience. For me, its about seeing the people and hearing the stories. And not just the delegates but the YS staff and other volunteers. These are the people I get to hang out with and spend my time with.

This is why I go back.

At the last general session, Tic asked everyone to write something on one of many mirros in the room. A word or phrase that expressed what God revealed to you at the convention. I didn't get a chance to write mine. If I had, I would have put "be present." This week I was reminded of the importance of being present in the moment. Its in the moments that ministry happens. Its not in the planning, the organizing, the scheduling, the preparing, the goal meetings, or the speaking. (not that these do not involve ministry) I saw this week the importance of being present in the moment and watching for God. It was in the moment that I was able to hear someone's hurt. It was in the moment I was able to feel someone's pain. It was in the moment I was able to feel someone's joy and excitement. It was in the moment I was able to share in someone's life.

When we become too busy or focused on tasks, we miss the moments God wants us to express His love to others. Ministry is not about being great at the "big events." Ministry is about being great at following God and being like Christ. God cares more about how we treat the individual - His child.

My prayer is that others will see Christ revealed through me.

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