Thursday, November 02, 2006

myspace last year?

I found this article thanks to the YS newsletter. Apparently they are saying that myspace is last year in a teen's world.

I am not so sold on this idea. Yeah, Myspace is probably going to lose its appeal to a certain group of people. My first thought is that those who were overwhelmed with it (ie. spent way too much time on it too often) then the appeal is gone. This group has done "all it can" with the site. The honeymoon period is over for them.

But for the rest of the users (those who don't make it a huge part of their day) I think it will remain a viable way to stay in contact. Its like email, but way cooler to see pictures and music videos. I think this group, the average user, will continue to use it.

Myspace like other networking sites is "cool" and the "hot thing" for awhile and then it fades into just "average" in the world of the net. Just look at It was huge when it first came out and probably doesn't have nearly as much traffic now, but it is still going and probably still getting new additions daily. For people who only want the "hottest" then that will only last a short time.

One thing I did like about the article came at the end. It is mentioned that teens will likely become more willing to have actual social interaction. Wow! what an amazing concept, actually talking to someone in person or on the phone. Now wouldn't that change the world :)

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