Tuesday, November 21, 2006

NYWC staff


Thank you to all the YS staff that worked at the convention. It is encouraging to be able to see behind the scenes. Working at the store is a huge blessing for me. The #1 goal at the store is not selling product, but helping people. Whether its helping someone find the right product for their ministry, helping someone find a product that will help them personally, listening to people or being able to pray with people - these are the #1 goals. Lots of time was spent just talking and listening to people and we were never told to stop. I love being able to look around the store and watching ministry take place. It is encouraging to see a volunteer stop and pray with someone during the "madness sale."

I just wanted to say thanks to the people that not only put the NYWC together, but also provide an atmosphere that is condusive to ministry. A special thanks to Glenn and Bex who were a pure joy to work with and for. (Thanks Glenn for being a guest blogger on this site)

The YS staff really do care about youth workers; our hearts, ministries and souls.

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