Sunday, November 19, 2006

NYWC day 2

Yesterday was a crazy day in the YS store. Busy, busy. And not just with selling products, cuz that's not all its about. I had the opportunity to talk with even more youth workers and pray with a few about what God is doing in their ministries and lives. There are so many great stories at the NYWC.

Both general sessions were good. Messages about remembering who we belong to - thus knowing who we are. And being humble enough to know any "greatness" we do is because of God.

other notes:
1. Crowder and Mike Hogan did a book signing the other night. I got to help keep the "order" in the line and got to see youth workers differently. Some were pretty low key, but others were asking for video messages, phone messages, someone even had him sign a guitar (looked like a nice one with other autographs). I got to talk with Mike Hogan for a little bit; he's a really cool guy. Both guys were very personal and friendly.

btw, what is the fascination with getting an autograph? (disclosure, we had them sign a book for some friends, so I can't say I never get someone's autograph - just wonder why we are so fascinated with having someone's signature)

2. I ran into two ladies today that are from the small town that I went to elem, ms, and hs. Didn't think I'd see anyone from there here at NYWC.

3. Finally got to see Donald Miller in person. Not what I expected. (That's about all I can say, haven't quite figured out if it is good or bad)

4. I'm way too tired :)

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